Q1 (April 2019 to June 2019)

  1.  24 children appeared class 10 public examinations and all of them have passed, 13 of them got 9 GPA out 10 and the highest GPA is 9.8. Two of them got admitted in Andhra Pradesh Residential Junior College, Nagarjuna Sagar, a prestigious institute. 8 of them joined in AANM&VVRSR Polytechnic College, Gudlavalleru, which is among top 15 polytechnic colleges in India.
  2. An intensive special summer sports camp was conducted for all the children in which six senior physical directors and 20 coaches in different games trained our children.
  3. A total number of 552 children were at HEAL paradise. THF is supporting 200 children with support from TEDT for the period of 2 years (April 2019-March 2021). Through the admission process this year 50 children were given admission. In this process the representative of The Hans Foundation also participated to ensure that admission is given to orphan children and those belonging to underprivileged backgrounds.
  4. CBSE Affiliation: Till now students at HEAL where studying under the Andhra Pradesh, State board Secondary Education. In October 2018 HEAL School, Paradise Village, has been granted affiliation from CBSE up to 10th standard only. Thus, from this academic year HEAL will follow all CBSE norms. The school is making plans for various academic aspects, such as enrolment of students to the CBSE portal, lesson plans, CBSE related co-circular activities, results and recruitment of staff. Teachers will also be sent to existing CBSE schools to study different aspects of how the new curriculum is implemented may also be among the considerations
  5. An intensive special summer coaching camp in sports was conducted for all the children from 01-04-2019 to 17-05-2019 and 20 coaches for different sports and games were engaged. The Summer special sports coaching camp was inaugurated by Sri Devadas Joint Secretary Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. The closing ceremony was attended by Mr Sam Movva former Rotary District Governor as Chief Guest. Mr Arja Srikanth Managing Director Andhra Pradesh Skill Development Corporation who came as a special guest to the campus witnessed these activities.

Q2 (July 2019 to Sept 2019)

  1. Heal school is proud to have students Jasmine of grade 4 and Jyothi Vikas of grade 5, who have represented the state of Andhra Prasad in 2nd National Sports Aerobics and Fitness Championship- 2019 event held on 28th and 29th August 2019, at Nagpur-Maharastra, secured 3rd place and received Bronze medals. Mr.Krishnarjunudu, who is our physical education trainer (PET) trained them.
  2. CBSE: The school is making plans for various academic aspects, such as enrolment of students to the CBSE portal, lesson plans, CBSE related co-circular activities, results and recruitment of staff. The school has applied for affiliation for +2 (Senior Secondary) courses, which is under progress.
  3. This year we have appointed 2 new Physical Education trainers and recruited special coaches for sports training. Children are excelling in different sports like kho-kho, aerobics, etc.
  4. Themes are introduced this year 2019-2020. Class and group assemblies will be conducted based on these themes. Language teachers (Telugu, Hindi, English) will give compositions to classes 4-10 based on these themes. This will have positive impact on children. Monthly themes for the year 2019-20
  • January-Politeness, Courtesy and me
  • February-Friendliness, Kindness and me
  • March-Integrity, Honesty and me
  • April-Dreaming a better Me and We
  • May- Dream big, Make a big difference
  • June-Love of school and me
  • July-Environment and me
  • August-Loyalty, Patriotism and me
  • September-Respect for Teachers and me
  • October-Diligence, Hardwork and me
  • November-Cleanliness, Orderliness and me
  • December-Helpfulness, Cooperation and me
  1. Extra-curricular activities are planned and are being implemented throughout the year. By conducting these activities, there is an improvement in teaching and learning process.
  2. Teaching staff and Non-teaching staff are being trained regularly in different aspects like pedagogy methods, how to handle children, different laws associated with children, etc.
  3. HEAL School is now part Hubs of learning created by Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi which will help the school to acquire more knowledge on teaching learning process, administration, etc.

Q3 (Oct 2019 to Dec 2019)

  1. Heal school children D.Rajendra, M. Sasi Praveen, B. Umakanth, Ch. Lohith Kalyan won Bronze medals among 800 participants at the national level 4x 100 meters relay running completion held at New Delhi, organized by National Insititute of Public Cooperative and Child Development. At the same national level competitions, Ch. Nitin of heal school secured first place in painting competition.
  2. CBSE: Central Board of Secondary Education sent a two-member committee consisting of Mrs Sridevi, Principal, Sri Prakash Synergy School and Mr Veenaiah, Principal, Kendriya Vidyalaya -2, Tirupati to conduct inspection for upgradation from Secondary to Senior Secondary (+2) level. The inspection went on well and we are awaiting the result.
  3. Sports professionals Dr. Y. Kishore, Retired Sports Director, Acharya Nagarjuna University, Dr B.Innaiah Chowdary & Dr. Ramamohana Rao Asst.Professors from University College of Physical Education, Acharya Nagarjuna University, Shri Sudhakar, District Sports Development Officer (Retd), Shri Ravindranath, Ex SAAP (Sports Authority of Andhra Pradesh) Director (Retd), Shri Lakshmayya, Athletics coach (Retd), Shri Rammohana Rao, Gymnastics coach are coming to heal paradise campus voluntarily to train the children in different games and sports.
  4. Excellent extracurricular performance has been shown by heal school children at state level competitions. The details are given below.
Conducted At Name of the competition No. of Events Number of the participates Prizes
Padala Charitable trust Telugu Essay Writing (State level) 1 4 4 out of 15 prizes
Bharath Vikas Parishad Singing (District level) 3 10 3
VVIT-Balotsav Cultural and Academic events (State level) 26 68 10
Amaravathi Balotsav Cultural and Academic events 14 27 3
Amaravathi Balotsav Science Fair 2 6 1


In the essay writing competition held at state level by Padala Charitable Trust, Kakinada

Heal school students B.Ramya, G.Gopi, D. Sri S Kamalini, D.Venkata Madhuri secured all the first four places respectively.

In the VVIT Balotsav competitions held at State Level on 28th , 29th and 30th Nov 2019 the following children won prizes in different categories.

S.No Name of the competition Category Name of the student (Class) Prize Won
1 Drawing Seniors T. Simhachalam (IX) 3rd place
2 Folk Dance Solo Juniors M. Nissi (VII) 3rd place
3 One Act Play Juniors K. Ayyappa (VI) 3rd place
4 Folk Songs Juniors Shalini(III) 3rd place
5 Classical Music Juniors Shalini(III) 2nd place
6 Digital Drawing Seniors K. Vinay Goud (IX) 3rd place
7 Story Writing Juniors Ch. Pradeep (VII) 3rd place
8 Drama All k. Akash (VIII) Ist place
M. Nissi (VII)
M. Shalem Raja (VI)
D. Jaswanth (VI)
V. Anuhya (VI)
G. N. T Gopi (VI)
B. Murali (VII)
M. Sasi Praveen (IX)
9 One Act play Seniors G. Ghanashyam (IX) 2nd place
10 Telugu Poem Seniors R. Lakshmi Tirupathamma (VIII) 3rd place


In the Amaravathi Balotsav competitions held at State Level on 6th , 7th and 8th of December 2019 the following children won prizes in different categories.

S.No Name of the competition Name of the student Prizes
1 Skit (Juniors) K. Akash (VIII) 1st place
M. Nissi (VII)
M. Shalem Raja (VI)
D. Jaswanth (VI)
V. Anuhya (VI)
G. N. T Gopi (VI)
B. Murali (VII)
M. Sasi Praveen (IX)
2 Patriotic & Folk Songs(Seniors Group) P. Sahitya IX Patrotic-3rd place,

Folk Song-1st place

M. Sowmya IX
B. Hema IX
P. Gowthami VIII
P. Dindima Surga VIII
MD. Farzana IX
U. Poojitha VIII
S. Mayuri VI


  1. Extra-curricular activities are planned and are being implemented throughout the year. By conducting these activities, there is an improvement in teaching and learning process.

Q4 (Jan 2020 to Mar 2020)

  1. Cycle India 2020: 30 cyclists; 19 cyclists from UK, Kenya and 11 cyclists from India have participated heal biannual fund-raising event Cycle India 2020 from Chennai to Coimbatore, Tamilnadu from 18th Jan 2020 to 24th Jan 2020. The team met Pondicherry Governor Dr. Kiran Bedi, IPS, (Retd.) during their adventure trip. After completion of the adventure, the team visited heal paradise campus and spent some time with heal school children. Some of them promised to volunteer at heal paradise in future.
  2. Republic Day celebrations

Republic Day was celebrated by the heal school children with lot of patriotism. Retired professor Mr. Colin Charlton hoisted the National flag and inspired the children with his words. Children of four houses did march fast. Different cultural programs have been performed by the children giving different messages. Children enjoyed the poetry in Telugu and Hindi, songs and dances.

  1. Sports professional volunteers coming to heal paradise campus are training the children in different games and sports. A new 400 meters running track with international standards is being developed.
  2. HEAL Day Celebrations:

HEAL annual day celebration were held on 16th February 2020. In the morning session famous industrialist Shri Gullapalli Srikrishna, Chairman, Chemtech group graced the occasion as a chief guest and Dr. Usha Satya Prasad Koneru graced the occasion as a guest of honor. In the evening session Softech CEO Dr. Ram Nemani graced the occasion as a chief guest and famous singer Shri Saandip graced the occasion as a guest of honor. Also, Dr Krishna Rao from USA also graced the occasion as a guest honor.

Sports competitions were held in the morning between different heal supported schools under poverty trap scheme. The winners were awarded prizes in the evening session. This year three new prizes 2 Gold medals for Best outgoing Male student and Best outgoing Female student were introduced donated by Shri Gadde Babu Rajendra Prasad and one silver medal to the child who is topper in academics. Heal school children have performed cultural programs extraordinarily. All the children felt very happy and had a very good time during the celebrations.


Activity Name :Mono action:     Date: (06-07-2019)

Monoaction is all about a performance that is done by a sole person or by a single individual. The individual plays numerous roles in an alternate manner in the same scene, each with a new and changed version. Such mono acting is often seen in horror films and marks the talent of a person as an actor.

The vibrant Mono acting competition conducted on 06-07-2019 made a remarkable difference in every child artist of our school. Being house wise competition there were 56 Participants who expressed their thematic massage dramatically. Every piece of action touched touched the social issues in the society. The child artists were very energetic and enthusiastic in giving out their best.


Mrs.P.Sarada The invited judges appreciated the our artists with pleasurable compliments.

Finally the standing winners are

S.no Admission No Name of the Student House Name Class Marks


  Juniors ( IV & V )
1 224 P.Tej kala DHARMA V B 56 1
2 541 M.Divya AHIMSA IV B 45 2
3 532 Chinna Sai Praveen DHARMA IV A 42 3
  Sub-Juniors (II & III )
1 588 B.Subrahmanyam DHARMA IIIB 41 1
2 398 J.Mery NYAYA III B 34 2
3 388 K.Bobby AHIMSA III B 33 3
  Special Prizes
1 132 D.Sukanya SATYA V B 39 SP
2 G.Sai IVC V 43 SP


S.no Admission No Name of the Student House Name Class Marks


Seniors ( VIII,IX & X )
1 625 Sai kumar AHIMSA IX A 51 1
2 75 Mercy AHIMSA X B 50 2
3 111 G.Gana Syam NYAYA IX B 48 3
Juniors (VI & VII )
1 140 K.Ayyappa AHIMSA VI A 51 1
2 329 D.Jaswanth NYAYA VI A 49 2
3 337 N.Naga Lakshmi SATYA VI A 48 3
4 579 M.Nissi SATYA VII A 48 3






Activity Name :Telugu Kavitha Rachana                              Date: (13-07-2019)

Writing poetry is a way to grow emotionally and intellectually, as language articulates and frames experience symbolically. Writing poetry is also a natural process, serving people’s innate need to explain themselves and their lives in the world. Writing poetry produces a concrete product that is a source of pride and that can be recognized. Writing poetry is a vehicle for expressing selfless values and philosophical explorations about life’s meaning. And writing poetry is a free and available resource that can be used for self-exploration, gratification, and healing for a lifetime.

The open competition organized on 13-07-2019 in the school has welcomed all and sundry to take part in the competition.

Most children in Heal Family poured out the selflessly the great love and affection received from parents and Heal Family. The poetry of every child is heart touching and inspiring.

The department of Telugu has marked the young poet’s creativity and awarded with a vibrant appreciations.

The best are selected and given the prizes to the following

Telugu Kavitha Rachana Competition Results    

S.no Admission No Name of the Student House Name Class Place
1 566 V. Lavanya NYAYA III B 1
2 588 B.Subrahmanyam DHARMA III B 2
3 585 T.Akhila NYAYA III B 3
4 256 M.Yogitha AHIMSA IV B 1
5 614 B.Amulya AHIMSA IV A 2
6 355 G.Ananda Paul AHIMSA IV B 3
7 589 D.Vishnu Priya DHARMA V B 1
8 399 P.Keerthana AHIMSA V B 2
9 576 R.Sai Lakshmi AHIMSA V B 3
10 J.Pratyusha IVC V 1
11 Joseph IVC V 2
12 535 J.Mahima NYAYA V B SP


S.no Admission No Name of the Student Class Place
1 554 R.Venkatesh VI A 1
2 368 P.Mahesh VI A 2
3 255 M.Sreeja VI A 3
4 337 N.Naga Lakshmi VI B 1
5 431 K.Shalemu VI B 2
6 546 R.Mounika VI B 3
7 14 A.Sravani VIIA 1
8 422 P.Sowmya VII A 2
9 351 M.Durga Prasad   VII A 3
10 270 Ch.Pradeep kumar VII A 3
11 414 M.Priyanka VII B 1
12 313 J.Ramudu VII B 2
13 474 N.Harish VII B 3
14 331 U.Poojitha VIII A 1
15 107 P.Gowthami VIII A 2
16 508 K.Lehana VIII A 3
17 555 K.Hima Nagasri VIII A 3
18 440 P.Vaibhav kumar VIII A SP
19 510 B.Jhansi sri VIII B 1
20 N.Sanjana VIII B 2
21 79 K.Navya Sri VIII B 3
22 217 M.Sowmya IX A 1
23 317 V.Venu IX A 2
24 395 P.Keerthi IX A 3
25 K.Rajya Lakshmi IX A 3
26 229 P.Mercy IX B 1
27 B.Madhu Priya IX B 2
28 326 M.Sowmya IX B 3
29 403 M.Mounika Priya X A 1
30 240 B.Dimple Naga Swarupa X A 2
31 288 Ch.Kusuma X A 2
32 296 G.Amrutha X A 3
33 48 K.Rakesh X B 1
34 232 T.Jotshna X B 2
35 279 S.Lakshmi Bhargavi X B 3
36 207 G.Gopi X B 3
37 475 L.Gowthami X C 1
38 360 V.Nani X C 2
39 T.Syam Babu IVC 1
40 I.Nagaraju IVC 2




Activity Name : Clay Modeling              Date : 03-08-2019

To Improve hand-eye coordination skills

To Encourage trial and error

To Develop fine motor skills

To Teach creativity

To Encourage play-based learning

Heal school organized inter house clay modeling competition for the students on 03-08-2019

The Importance of Clay & Creativity: Clay is one medium that promotes creativity. It is especially beneficial to young people – it helps promote self-confidence, encourages self-expression and develops problem-solving skills.

There were sixteen participants from each house did marvelous molding of the clay.

It has also been claimed that the arts have a beneficial impact on school and academic performance. Unfortunately, the results from the studies are controversial. What is clear is that for children who are struggling academically, art classes may provide an opportunity for those children to shine and feel pride in their abilities. And, well, anything that helps children develop confidence is a good thing.

The competition unearthed the good number of confident and creative artists.

Mr. Rajesh and Mr. I Kishore, department of Art Education teachers deemed the competition listing out the following first and second Places

Clay Modeling Competition Results     Date: (03-08-2019)

S.no Admission No Name of the Student House Name Class Marks-100 Place
Juiors ( IV & V)
1 311 G.Kalyan AHIMSA IV A 90 1


2 318 Anjibabu AHIMSA V A
1 402 K.Lokesh SATYA V B 88 2
2 452 G.Manaswini SATYA IV B
Sub-Juniors (II & III )
1 601 Durga Bhavani AHIMSA II A 78 1
2 388 K.Bobby AHIMSA III B
1 604 K.Pragna Sri DHARMA II A 64 2
2 515 S.Purvesh DHARMA III B


S.no Admission No Name of the Student House Name Class Marks-100 Place
Seniors ( VIII,IX & X )
1 409 M.Mounika Priya  NYAYA X 99 1


2 634 K.Bhavish NYAYA IX
1 122 T.Simhachalam SATYA IX 98 2
2 110 K.Vinay Gowd SATYA IX
Juniors (VI & VII )
1 148 M.Sai kumar SATYA VII 99 1
2 474 N.Harish SATYA VII
1 406 S.Mayuri NYAYA VI 98 2
2 368 P.Mahesh NYAYA VI




Activity Name : Singing Competition                  Date: 10-08-2019

Singing strengthens the immune system

Singing is a workout

Singing improves your posture

Singing helps with sleep

Singing is a natural anti-depressant

Singing lowers stress levels

Singing improves mental alertness

Singing can widen your circle of friends

Singing boosts your confidence

Singing broadens communication skills

Singing increases your ability to appreciate other singers

To encourage the blooming singers there held an inter-house singing competition on  10-08-2019 in the amphitheater in the secondary school. The competition was conducted house wise where there were eight groups from the four Houses. Each set is limited to a number of six to eight participants. The melodies of upcoming Cuckoos mesmerized every one and win the heart of the every spectator. The participants have performed their best to let the flow of their talents. The selection of the songs reflected the patriotism and passion of the folk arts.

The distinguished judges Mr.Gopal Sir & Mr.S.L.Bharath expressed their joy and appreciation to the present. It made even a tough time to figure out the winner of the competition. Yet with sublet differences the finalized winners are

Juniors (IV & V)         Results
S.No Admin No Name of the student House Name Class Total Place
1 541 M.Divya AHIMSA IV   B 67 1
2 250 Ch.Siri AHIMSA V B
3 614 B.Amulya AHIMSA IV A
4 399 P.Keerthana AHIMSA V B
5 576 R.Sai lakshmi AHIMSA V B
6 283 V.Alekya AHIMSA IV A
7 256 M.Yogitha AHIMSA IV B
8 355 G.Anandapaul AHIMSA IV B
9 239 K.Durga Rao AHIMSA V A
1 532 V.Chinna Sai Praveen DHARMA IV A 62 2
2 416 T.Navya DHARMA V B
3 589 D.Vishnu Priya DHARMA V B
4 365 B. Akshya DHARMA V B
5 492 Ch.Durga Bhavani DHARMA V A
6 263 P.Navya DHARMA V A
7 187 R.Rohini DHARMA V B
8 534 J.Manasa DHARMA IV A
9 603 K.Sahithi DHARMA IV A
10 296 M.Vyshanavi DHARMA IV A
1 Shalini IVC II 55 SP
2 Pratyusha IVC IV
3 Raju IVC IV
4 Manoj IVC VI
5 Venkatesh IVC IV
6 Joseph IVC VI
Sub-Juniors (II & III)     Results
S.No Admin No Name of the student House Name Class Total Place
1 396 J.Keerthana AHIMSA III A 62 1
2 388 A.Bobby AHIMSA III B
3 601 R.Durga Bhavani AHIMSA II A
4 627 P.Vishnu Priya AHIMSA III A
5 548 E.Sruthi AHIMSA III A
6 573 V.Lohith AHIMSA III A
7 144 P.Dilip AHIMSA III B
8 M.Naga Vyshnavi AHIMSA II B
9 386 V.Ananya AHIMSA III A
1 611 B.Geethika DHARMA III B 59 2
2 511 S.Purvesh DHARMA III B
3 588 B.Subramanyam DHARMA III B
4 604 K.Pragna Sri DHARMA II A
5 608 B.Naga Poojitha DHARMA III B
6 468 G.Vinni Vimora DHARMA III A
7 707 K.Leela Sri Lahari DHARMA III A
8 676 G.Sindhu DHARMA II B
       Juniors (VI & VII)            Results
S.No Admin No Name of the student House Name Class Total Marks Place
1 137 P.Komali Kavya AHIMSA VI 65 1
2 260 M.Sreeja AHIMSA VI
3 302 A.Chandrika AHIMSA VII
4 209 Ch.Ramya AHIMSA VII
5 33 G.Naga Mallika AHIMSA VII
6 490 M.Durga Prasad AHIMSA VII
7 269 Ch.Ravi Teja AHIMSA VII
8 387 V.Anuhya AHIMSA VI
9 265 R.Sai babu AHIMSA VII
1 14 A.Sravani DHARMA VII 50 3
2 150 N.Sanjana DHARMA VII
3 353 Kokila DHARMA VII
4 330 Kavya DHARMA VII
5 270 Ch.Pradeep DHARMA VII
6 480 Y.Naveen DHARMA VII
7 586 Mohith Sai DHARMA VII
8 255 Sreeja DHARMA VII
1 128 Iliyana NYAYA VII 45 4
2 285 Tejaswini NYAYA VII
3 267 Tulasi Teja NYAYA VII
4 521 Jayaram NYAYA VI
5 596 Nandini Priya NYAYA VII
6 67 Devi Priya NYAYA VII
7 D.Jeswanth NYAYA VI
8 406 S.Mayuri NYAYA VI
1 71 J.Kowshika SATYA VII 61 2
2 72 J.Kusuma SATYA VII
3 579 M.Nissi SATYA VII
4 477 T.Divya SATYA VII
5 346 P.Jyothi SATYA VI
6 54 G.Sindhuja SATYA VI
Seniors (VIII,IX & X)           Results
S.No Admin No Name of the student House Name Class Total Place
1 38 Naga Durga DHARMA X 59 3
2 102 Jennifer DHARMA X
3 247 Hema DHARMA IX
4 217 M.Sowmya Sree DHARMA IX
5 245 Farjana DHARMA IX
6 486 Dindima Durga DHARMA VIII
1 277 K.Rajya lakshmi AHIMSA IX 63 2
2 240 B.Dimple AHIMSA X
3 176 K.Indhuhasan AHIMSA VIII
4 118 M.Sasi Praveen AHIMSA IX
5 528 P.Aishwarya AHIMSA IX
6 135 V.Jahnavi AHIMSA IX
1 109 P.Sahitya SATYA IX 69 1
2 133 B.Madhu Priya SATYA IX
3 339 R.Pavithra SATYA VIII
4 331 V.Poojitha SATYA VIII
5 279 S.Lakshmi Bhargavi SATYA X
6 288 Ch.Kusuma Kumari SATYA X
7 122 T.Simhachalam SATYA IX
8 186 B.Umakanth SATYA IX
1 266 B.Ramya NYAYA X 69 1
2 292 G.Amrutha NYAYA X
3 409 M.Mounika Priya NYAYA X
4 107 P.Gowthami NYAYA VIII
5 154 K.Durga Sravani NYAYA VIII
6 396 R.Lakshmi Tirupathamma NYAYA VIII
7 46 V.Chamundeswari NYAYA VIII
8 111 G.Ganashyam NYAYA IX