August – 2020:


The clouds covered all over

The drizzle continued with short- intervals

The climate became cool

The pleasant sounds of rain drops produced melody

………………….. from  the Nature

with Social distances

wearing the Masks

With the sanitation

With reverence to the Flag

All the residents of the Heal family gathered at the primary school at 8: 15 am Today to commemorate the Independence Day.Every one was given a Circle by MR. Venkat PET to make sure the social Distance

Sri Malineni Rangaprasad Garu chief guest was received with the School Band, escorted by the senior students  and accompanied By Mr. Ajay Kumar   CEO, Mrs. MKVN Sree Devi and Mr. Bharath Vice principal to the National Flag.

With The welcome words by principal followed by the flag hoisting is done by the Chief guest.

Kumari Vahini Sai Sree [Polycet student] mentioned a few words connecting Independence Day and social responsibility during this disastrous time.

A short intro of the chief guest is read by Kumari. Vijaya Lakshmi [inter completed]

The chief guest addressed all emphasizing on placing value in respect to the others as they are growing to lead the nation with different roles especially as Students of Heal. Master. G. Satish [Head Boy] expressed vote of thanks to all the gathered


Independence Day Preparation: 

COVID – 19 has altered normal proceedings in many areas.  In order to create a vibration of our National Fest and as a part of independence day Celebrations, Mr. R. Nageswra Rao CCA , School Admins along with the Teachers and students with an open discussion made some paths to organize few competitions to the students at Homes in the online mode. An online invitation is made with the online links to register the interested participants. They are invited to take part in the competitions in the ZOOM and GOOGLE MEET

The different activities are:

  1. Essay wiring       :      Effect of  COVID – 19 in the life of Human
  • Telugu,
  • English
  • Hindi

    2. Elocution              :       India in Future 2040

  • Telugu
  • Hindi
  • English

   3. Creative Writing :  

Role of My Education during this disastrous times [ COVID – 19] at Home OR How to manage the sister with what you learnt

  • In any of the three languages

  4. Solo Singing        :     Patriotic / folk/ special compositions on COVID 

    5. Drawing                :     COVID-19 – Freedom to Nature???

    6. Fancy Dress        :     Open to the participant concerned to the nation



Virtual Competitions:

As planned students have participated form their homes in different competitions as scheduled.








Q1 (April 2020 to June 2020)