Code of conduct

This staff code of conduct is intended to supplement the policies of Heal India. It encourages all staff members to be good role models for the children in their care. Heal India reserves the right to amend or update this code at any time.

  1. Respect the children in our care

Heal India solely exists to give children an opportunity for education and health that otherwise they would not have. In order to maximise this opportunity it is important that we foster an environment in which the children can flourish and enjoy their education. This requires that children are always treated with respect. Never physically punished, bullied, shouted at or ridiculed. In this way staff will set an example of how we expect children to behave towards each other.

  1. Set appropriate boundaries for children

Staff will guide the behaviour of children to ensure that children are safe; the environment and property of Heal is respected and so that children develop a good ideal of self-worth and appropriate behaviour. Where possible this will be achieved through a culture of ‘reward’. When punishment is unavoidable this will be appropriate to the ‘misbehaviour’ and constructive in nature.

  1. Respect the environment in which we live and work

The property of Heal will be treated appropriately at all times. The buildings of Heal will be used for the purpose that they were intended, they will be kept tidy and not defaced in any way. If damage occurs either accidentally or through appropriate wear it should be reported to the appropriate person. It will be permitted to carry out minor repairs, if you have the competence to make the repair without creating a health and safety issue.

Many items are provided by Heal for the education of children. It is important that these are used effectively so that children can learn and do good work. Staff members should take care of equipment/records in their care. Remember it is a criminal offence to steal items and HEAL will not tolerate pilfering.

Likewise, the grounds of Heal should be treated with respect. Flowers or fruits in the gardens should not be picked without first gaining appropriate permission. Litter should not be dropped and always should be disposed of correctly. Ideally, you would pick up any litter that you observe in the grounds. Avoid walking or damaging plants in the grounds.

The surrounding environment of Heal should be also treated with respect. Be aware of the nature around us and avoid doing things which diminish the enjoyment of our surroundings by others. Do not harm in anyway animals, birds, wildflowers and other wonders of nature.

  1. Setting an example

All staff members should be good role models at all times. No illegal activities should ever take place. This includes (but is not restricted to):

  • The consumption of illegal drugs or banned substances
  • Sexual harassment of any other person
  • Accessing pornography of an illegal nature
  • Stealing from others or from Heal
  • The use of threatening or aggressive behaviour towards others
  • Use of abusive language, quarrelsome and riotous behaviour.
  • Insubordination and defiance of lawful order.
  • Disrespectful behaviour, rumour-mongering and character assassination.
  • Making false accusations or assault either provoked or otherwise.
  • Mutilation/destruction of school records

Activities which are legal for adults but are illegal for children should never be conducted in the presence of students. This includes (but is not restricted to):

  • the consumption of alcohol;
  • the smoking of tobacco or other addictive substances;
  • the chewing of tobacco;
  • the accessing of sexual material (other than in a sex education context);
  • gambling for financial reward.
  • Possession in school premises of weapons, explosives, and other objectionable materials.


Conduct themselves in a professional way. This includes (but is not restricted to):

  • Avoid habitual late coming and negligence of duty.
  • avoid idle or dilatory practices;
  • a married staff member with a living spouse will not enter into a contract of marriage with another person;
  • inform the Chief Executive of Heal of any criminal proceedings that are being brought against them; and conviction by court of law for criminal offence.
  • no staff member will be simultaneously employed by another organisation (without the prior permission of the Heal Chief Executive ).
  • turn off, or to silent mode, their mobiles whilst teaching;
  • treat all children fairly and avoid having ‘favourites’;
  • set and mark examinations fairly without reward or favour;
  • not pass on information to the press or communicate with the press without the prior permission of the Chief Executive of Heal;
  • do not express their own, or others, political views to students and not to take active part in politics.
  • Avoid indulging in or encouraging any form of malpractice connected with examination or other school activities.
  • Avoid divulging confidential matters relating to school.
  • Avoid obstructing other members of the staff from lawful duties and indulging in any sort of agitation to coerce or embarrass the school authorities.
  • Avoid carrying on personal monetary transactions among themselves, with the student and/or with the parents.
  • Avoid propagating through teaching lessons or otherwise communal or sectarian outlook or inciting or allowing any student to indulge in communal or sectarian activity.
  • Avoid making sustained neglect in correcting class work or home work.
  • Avoid organising or attending any meeting during school hours except when he is required or permitted by the Head of the school to do so.