HEAL Paradise Management

HEAL Paradise is the project of HEAL (Health and Education for All) for orphan, single parent and destitute children located at Thotapalli, Andhra Pradesh. The Campus is surrounded by uninterrupted green hills. The campus is eco-friendly.

The HEAL Paradise Village is built on a 27-acre site next to the village of Thotapalli at a scenic location, adjoining a picturesque land surrounded by hillocks, paddy fields, lake and gardens. This will become home and a holistic learning centre for 1,000 children-double orphans, single orphans and the most underprivileged and uncared-for children from across India. In addition, the Village will be a homogenous residential community, with staff and volunteers living together with the children.

The following are the managing committee of HEAL Paradise:

  1. Shri Pinnmaneni Dhanaprakash, Chairman
  2. Shri K.Ajaykumar, CEO
  3. Shri Malineni V Rangaprasad, Director
  4. Shri YVS Chalapati Rao (Balaji), Treasurer
  5. Shri Paruchuri Navinbabu, Member
  6. Smt Dasari Bhavani, Member
  7. Shri Anne SivaNageswara Rao, Member